Canine Genetic Analysis Project

A Research Focus on the Statistics & Molecular Genetics of Diseases in Dogs

Department of Animal Science, UC DAVIS






The project is ongoing and we are seeking samples (blood and/or buccal)

for Addison's and Epilepsy Diseases for both affected dogs and healthy older dogs (7+ yr).

Research Goals

To Evaluate the Mode of Inheritance of Canine Diseases

To Identify the Genes Responsible for Disease Expression

To Join the Tools of Statistics with the Promise of Molecular Genetics

Addison's Project 

*Bearded Collie*Great Dane*Leonberger*Portuguese Water Dog*Standard Poodle*West Highland White Terrier*


Epilepsy Project

*Belgian Tervuren*Belgian Sheepdog*English Mastiff*Giant Schnauzer*Miniature Poodle*Standard Poodle*Toy Poodle*

SLO Project

*Bearded Collie*

Health Update for Previously Submitted Dogs

If you have previously submitted a dog to our study,

we would appreciate regular health updates, including if the dog is still healthy.  

Donations and Support

Thank you for helping fund our canine research projects.

If you would like to donate adrenal tissue to the study from your deceased Addisonian dog, please download the form below:

Adrenal Tissue Submission Form

A Guide to Finding the Canine Adrenal Glands

(by Dr. Jeanette Hanson - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

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Please Note:

This kit is for participation in a research study only.

It is NOT a test to verify if your dog does or does not have the disease. 

All submissions are confidential and results for individual dogs will NOT be made available.


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