CGAP Deceased Dog

Addison's Disease Questionnaire

"Genetic Basis for Canine Diseases”

Canine Genetic Analysis Project (CGAP)

Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis

Principal Investigators: Dr. A.M. Oberbauer and Dr. T.R. Famula


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Dog Information


Dog’s Registered Name:      Call Name:

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Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy):     Date of Death (mm/dd/yy):

Coat Color:           Sex:                  

                                                                                            Paternal Grandsire Registered Name:

Sire's Registered Name:                   

                                                                                            Paternal Granddam Registered Name:

      Sire's AKC Registration #:


                                                                                            Maternal Grandsire Registered Name:           

Dam's Registered Name:                    

                                                                                            Maternal Granddam Registered Name:

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If you could, please send a copy of your dog's pedigree with your name to the following address:

Oberbauer Lab

Canine Genetic Analysis Project (CGAP)

Department of Animal Science

University of California

One Shields Avenue

Davis, CA 95616-8521


Disease Information

Addison’s Disease:     Age at Diagnosis:  years                  months 

1. What Addison’s disease symptoms prompted you to go to the vet?


2a. What specific test was used to determine the diagnosis of Addison's disease? (please be specific, ie., ACTH Stimulation test)


2b. Please mail copies of medical records pertinent to diagnosis and blood test results at the time of diagnosis.  You can fax the information to the Oberbauer Lab, Department of Animal Science 530-752-0175 or mail to Oberbauer Lab, Canine Genetic Analysis Project (CGAP), Department of Animal Science, University of California, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616-8521.

2c.  Please indicate the dog's electrolyte levels if known:

3. Was the dog on any type of steroid treatment prior to diagnosis of Addison's disease?  

4. If the dog was spayed or neutered, was Addison’s disease diagnosed prior to or after spay or neuter? 

5. Include any details of known relatives with Addison’s disease (include registered names if known):


6. General comments regarding animal’s health. Please include ANY health issues associated with the dog, including hypothyroidism or any other type of autoimmune disorder:

7. List any medications (including steroids) the dog has taken over its lifetime.  Please denote if they were given pre or post Addison diagnosis.


Owner Information

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