Buccal Swab Kit Request

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                Addison's: Bearded Collie, Great Dane, Leonberger, Portuguese Water Dog, Standard Poodle & West Highland White Terrier

                Epilepsy: Belgian Tervuren, Belgian Sheepdog, Giant Schnauzer, English Mastiff, Miniature Poodle, Standard Poodle & Toy Poodle

                SLO: Bearded Collie 


                Note: You will receive a questionnaire for Addison's and SLO when requesting a kit for Bearded Collies and you will receive a questionnaire for Addison's and Epilepsy when requesting a kit for Standard Poodles.


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If your dog is unaffected with the disease, please submit a health update annually, even if the dog is still healthy. 


Click here for Addison's and Epilepsy Health Update Form


Click here for SLO Health Update Form


Please Note:  This kit is for participation in a research study only - it is not a test to verify if your dog does or does not have this disease.  All submissions are confidential and results for individual dogs will not be made available.