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Canine Health Status Update for All Projects

  • This health update is for all breeds, affected dogs and healthy dogs.
  • If you have previously submitted a DNA sample to the study and the health status of your dog has changed, we ask that you please submit a health update, even if your dog remains healthy.
  • Fields with red asterisks must be completed before your submission will be accepted.
  • Up to 5 dogs can be updated and submitted in the same session.
  • Please be sure to select the correct breed from the list.
  • The survey takes approximately 5-20 minutes per dog depending on the information being updated.
  • The information that you enter will be used to update your dog’s health status in our database. Please ensure that the information is accurate.
  • Owner information is required. If you need to update your information (i.e., change of address), please enter the new information in the form.

Click this link to start the health update

Genotype Data

If your dog has genotype data in the form of a zip file (tfam/tped files) and you would be willing to send the data to our study, please email the file to jmbelanger@ucdavis.edu Please include a health questionnaire with each dog’s data file submission.  Owners who submit genotyping data are encouraged to submit a DNA sample from their dog(s) so that we may have a DNA sample in our laboratory for more in depth genotyping analysis.